Does it make sense to return Try [Option [String]]?

I am writing a method that has three possible return states:

  • Operation may fail with an exception
  • The operation can be performed on a String result
  • Operation can be performed without results

Is the return type displayed correctly Try[Option[String]]

? Or is there a better alternative?


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Your approach is great. Another approach is to define your own case classes / objects

sealed trait Result
case class OperationFailed(e: Exception) extends Result 
case class SuccessValue(str: String) extends Result 
case object SuccessNoValue extends Result


This approach may work better with pattern matching, especially if you are using Akka.

val f: Any => Any = { case x: Try[Option[String]] => x.get.get.toUpperCase }
f(Try(Some(5))) // Throws java.lang.ClassCastException


The above example will show the following warning

warning: non-variable argument The [String] option in the scala.util.Try template [Option [String]] is not set because it is being removed



Lift Box does a good job of combining Option and Try semantics

A The box can be:

  • Full (value) => Some (value): Option
  • Empty => No: option
  • Failure (ex) => Failure: try



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