WIFM Sitecore Client Side Mandatory Field Validation

Are Sitecore Webforms provided for marketers for client side validation of required fields out of the box?

The documentation only mentions client side validation against validators and nothing about the required functionality of the field.

We are running Sitecore 7.2, WFFM 2.4


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Are you using MVC layout (cshtml)? There are many bugs in the current version (2.4 rev.141008) of WFFM for MVC layouts.

One of the errors is related to the lack of scripts on the form interface.

Until the update happens, a workaround is to add these packages to the \ Views \ Form \ Index.cshtml file:



Does it help?



The validation element contains a Script Validation field. Its purpose is to indicate if client side validation is enabled. I believe this is what you are missing.



To get basic regex functionality or field validation, you need to set these fields in the form editor.

enter image description here

Then set the "Validation" field in the "Behavior" section of your field, i.e.

/ sitecore / system / Modules / Web forms for marketers / Settings / Field Types / Custom / Custom text on a separate line



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