Subversion Edge allows server edge on CollabNet login page

I have installed Subversion Edge on my server. Let's say my site

. To access the master repository (called main

), users must navigate to

. Alternatively, they can go to

to view all the repositories. If they want to log in and change their password, they must go to

. I would like the request to

resolve to this login page, not to a page that just says "It works!"

Is this possible, although Apache and Subversion Edge configuration is possible?

EDIT: I added this to mine httpd.conf

. When I point my browser to

, it just hangs.

LoadModule proxy_module lib/modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module lib/modules/

ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass /ach
ProxyPassReverse /ach

#ProxyPreserveHost On
#<Location /agh>
#       ProxyPass
#       ProxyPassReverse



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I believe you want to run the Edge console on the default standard port http (port 80) or https (port 443). Standard ports require additional configuration. There are two options to use port 80 or 443. You only need one or the other, and they require root privileges.

Method 1. Use the bind helper application.

httpd_bind is a small application included with CollabNet Subversion Edge to allow the server to access standard ports without using the server itself with elevated privileges. For it to work, httpd_bind must be owned by root and have its own suid bit specified in the commands below. They must be run as root or sudo.

chown root: jeyanthan / path / to / csvn / lib / httpd_bind / httpd_bind chmod u + s / path / to / csvn / lib / httpd_bind / httpd_bind

Note: "jeyanthan" is the username with which the application is not enabled.

Method 2: Run httpd in sudo

The svn server can be started as root, allowing it to bind to a port, after which the server will reduce its privileges. To use this method and allow the server to start and stop from the management console, configure sudo to work with the httpd binary without a password.

Use "/ usr / sbin / visudo" to add the following two lines to the end of the sudoers file:

By default env_keep + = "PYTHONPATH" jeyanthan ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: / Path / to / csvn / bin / HTTPD



The Subversion Edge admin web app running on

is served by an embedded web server (Tomcat, I think).

So you can set up Apache reverse proxy from to

However, you need to do this without affecting the existing paths at and , so it's a little tricky. I suggest breaking it down into two parts:

First, set up a reverse proxy from to and then when it works, set up a redirect or rewrite rule from to https : //

Both of them can be done in Apache config.



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