IOS 8: game stuck on loading screen

I created a game in Unity that works great on iOS 7 and prior. After updating to iOS 8 on my device, my game is stuck on the loading screen and I get the following log on the console.

 <Error>: assertion failed: 12A365: libxpc.dylib + 51947 [ACFE5F1E-68D9-3D24-9B65-D604403A9625]: 0x7d


Consistent with my game logic, which might be the place in the unity where I tried to switch the scene. Can anyone help me what could be the problem?


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I have no comments to comment, but did you do a new build or append build? Try doing a replacement assembly and see if that resolves.

Otherwise, create a completely new project with a simple object in the scene and maybe a button to load a new scene and see if you have any problems. If there are no problems with this simple build, then it will most likely be the plugin that is causing the problem in your project and become a troubleshooting process to find the culprit.



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