Android TurnBasedMultiplayer calling takeTurn () does not generate onTurnBasedMatchReceived ()

I am writing a multiplayer game using Google TurnBasedMultiplayer API

and calling takeTurn()

. I have three players in the game, and besides the player who is calling takeTurn, I found that one player receives the update and onTurnBasedMatchReceived()

is called correctly, but the other player is not receiving the update, is onTurnBasedMatchReceived()

not called.

Can anyone provide me with a possible reason for not all players receiving updates? I note that a player who is not receiving updates needs to go back to their inbox and select the appropriate match again, and then you can see that the game is indeed updated.


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A player who doesn't receive full updates in a match? A player who has not accepted the invitation will not receive challenges onTurnBasedMatchUpdated


Also, when a player receives an invitation, it comes to the invitation listener, not the updated listener. If you are trying to use the updated compliance listener for both, that also explains why you are not getting updates.



You have activated the listener. I use code like this in my main activity ...

Public class GameScreen extends Activity implements OnInvitationReceivedListener, OnTurnBasedMatchUpdateReceivedListener {...}



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