Converting UIFont to CGFont in swift?

Must be passed CGFont

to the next function

CGFontCreateCopyWithVariations(<#font: CGFont!#>, <#variations: CFDictionary!#>))



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Here's a small example:

var font = UIFont.systemFontOfSize(15.0)
var fontName = font.fontName as NSString
var cgFont = CGFontCreateWithFontName(fontName);

var copiedFont = CGFontCreateCopyWithVariations(cgFont, nil)




Let's get to this with Swift 4 and the accepted answer is no longer valid. The following took UIFont

and gave me a useful one CGFont


if let uiFont = UIFont(name: "Helvetica-Bold", size: 36.0),
    let cgFont = CGFont(uiFont.fontName as CFString) {
        // Do stuff        




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