Create a Stax Writer API for the given XML schema

I have an XML schema. I wrote a thin layer on top of Stax to allow for consistent documents on the fly (I don't want a dom-like API, I want a low / no trace). The API only has methods like:

writeCar(String manufacturer)
writeWheels(String manufacturer, boolean winter)


They perform a status check and then call the appropriate stax methods.

The specialty is that there are no writeEndXXX methods (my schema is unambiguous, so you can't have a car inside a wheel element. This means I always know when to close open elements). The only exception is the presence of a flash () which will write all pending end tags.

writeCar(..)   // <car>
writeWheels(..) // inside the car <wheels>
writeCar(..) // close the pending tags </wheels></car> and new car <car>
flush() // this writes all pending close tags


It works well. Now the circuit is developing :)

Now I am updating the API manually. Because I'm virtuous, I don't want to do that :). Is there a tool available that would generate such an API (or similar) given the XML schema definition?


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JAXB based

  • Generate XSD from your XML. You can also use this link or another tool works great.
  • Generating classes from XSD using XJC, Maven plugin see here
  • Using any JAXB tutorial to marshal and read and write xml immediately. see here

I suggest you also this link

Hope this helps you.



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