Adding a file to a project that is outside the project directory

I have the following root structure



I want to have a project in phpStorm (7.1.3) so I only see index_dir and index.php

the problem is that if I create a new project via "Open directory", I only have index_dir in my project. I would like to add the index.php file to this project and not any other directory. How should I do it. It drives me crazy.


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You can always customize the include path to a lower level directory, but that won't work if the project is in your external library / include path directory (endless loop)

PhpStorm Add include path

The way you suggest just cannot be done


While you cannot hide these other directories, you can ignore them

PhpStorm Ignore directories

Ignored directories will not be indexed

EDIT 2017: In more recent versions of PHPStorm like v2017.1 and later, you can open multiple projects in one window, this is by far the best solution you will ever get.



You can add a custom area to your shared PS project.

For example, I'm working on a Quicklinks app and I only need a subset of the files in my overall WordPress installation. I want to see files with a word quicklinks

in the filename or directory. For this, I configured the following area template in Settings | Appearance and Behavior | Areas of use


This looks for any file or directory anywhere in my shared project that contains a string quicklinks

in its name.


In the OP's case, the scope with this pattern should work:


Beware that empty directories may not be included.



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