Perl get all message headers from imap message

I use Mail::IMAPClient

Have multiple variables

$body = $imap->body_string($msg);
$header = $imap->message_string($msg);


$ body contains the body of the message, but the $ header contains the header and body of the message. I haven't found a method in IMAPClient that only receives the message header.

I need to remove the body from the $ header. Separating $ body and $ header is not a good idea because the body can be very large. The body and header are separated by a blank line, but I don't know how to use it.


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Please take a look at

It suggests the Mail::IMAPClient

package supports / supports the "ALL" keyword to get all headers at once:

my %headers = %{ $imap->parse_headers( $msg, "ALL" ) };
for my $h ( keys %headers ) {
    my @hdrs = @{ $headers{$h} };
    print "$h (" . scalar @hdrs . " entries)\n";
    foreach (@hdrs) { print "\t$_\n"; }




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