What is the path of the CA certificate for Azure SQL Database?

I have a .NET web application that connects to a database hosted in the cloud on Microsoft SQL Azure platform. Now I would like to use Domo , a third party cloud-based business intelligence service, to do some reporting on data in Azure Database. The Domo consultant told me that he needed the CA certificate path for the database server (in addition to other standard connection information) in order to connect to it. He suggested that I need to get a certificate and apply it to the database server. However, according to what I read in the documentation, SQL Azure always uses SSL; otherwise, you cannot connect to it. Given that I am already successfully connecting to it in my application (using Entity Framework 6), there should already be a (Microsoft) certified certificate and hence the path to the certificate. How do I know what a certificate path is? The database server name is of the form xxxxxxxxxx.database.windows.net



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I was able to confirm that SQL Azure DB always uses SSL and therefore has a certificate already installed. I found the certificate path by connecting the database server name (xxxxx.database.windows.net) to the online SSL certificate validation tool at DigiCert.com ( https://www.digicert.com/help/ ). The path was indicated below.



And to take this step further, you can get the path and content of the certificate by running the following command through OpenSSL.

openssl s_client -connect {yourdbname}.database.windows.net:443 -showcerts


It's time to remember how to do it.



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