Can't get rid of background image when using Chartkick

I am using chartkick in rails 4.1 and for some reason I cannot change the background image!

My config file introduces everything except background transparency. Any help would be great.

My config file:

Chartkick.options = {library: {legend: {enabled: true}, export: {enabled: false}, backgroundColor: "transparent", height: "300px", width: "200px", colors: ["# 2c3e50" , "# 2980b9", "# e74c3c", "# c0392b"]}}



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If you are using Google charts with Chartkik, you cannot use the transparency of this property. You can check the documentation on individual chart parameters, for example here on PieChart :


  • The background color for the main area of ​​the chart. It can be either a simple colored HTML string such as "red" or "# 00cc00", or an object with the following properties:
    • backgroundColor.stroke: the color of the chart border, as an HTML color string.
    • backgroundColor.strokeWidth: the width of the border, in pixels.
    • backgroundColor.fill: Fill color as HTML color string.


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