How to dynamically call a method with optional arguments?

I need your help.

Can the following be done with C #?

I have a method

void SomeMethod(int p1 = 0, bool p2 = true, string p3 = "")
    // some code


And I need to call this method with an unknown number of arguments at compile time. I mean, on startup, the application has to load the argument information from the xml (for example) and call a method with those arguments. The Xml file can contain 0 to 3 arguments.

How to call SomeMethod method with unknown number of arguments loaded from xml?



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You can do this using reflection:



Read the arguments in variables and depending on how many were found, call SomeMethod. For example, if you have valid values ​​for p1, call SomeMethod (p1); valid values ​​for p1 and p2, SomeMethod (p1, p2) ... so on, etc.



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