How to use boto to run a resilient beanstalk with rds resource

How can I run elastic beanstalk application with RDS database using boto?

I am sending the following parameters to my create_environment call, but RDS-db does not start:

    ('aws:rds:dbinstance', 'DBAllocatedStorage', '5'),
    ('aws:rds:dbinstance', 'DBEngine', 'postgresql'),
    ('aws:rds:dbinstance', 'DBEngineVersion', '9.3'),
    ('aws:rds:dbinstance', 'DBInstanceClass', 'db.t2.micro'),
    ('aws:rds:dbinstance', 'DBPassword', self.rds_password),
    ('aws:rds:dbinstance', 'DBUser', self.rds_username),



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Just specifying the parameters of the parameters is not enough to create an RDS. Tuning options are used to configure RDS parameters. To create an RDS along with a beanstalk environment, you have three options:

  • Use the console
  • Use EB CLI
  • Use ebextension to specify an RDS resource

The first is pretty simple. For the second, you can follow the tutorial here .

I recently answered the third possibility here .



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