How do I override QuickFix classes for custom groups?

I am using QuickFix with Python to connect using an idiosyncratic data provider. They have defined a new repeating group NoChartData

that I cannot read because the way to define a group in QuickFix is ​​for example group = fix42.MarketDataIncrementalRefresh().NoMDEntries()

. When I replace NoMDEntries()

with NoChartData()

, I get an attribute error because it NoChartData()

doesn't exist.

I have a vague idea that I need to rebuild the QuickFix classes I read about here:

I found ant.jar in the quickfix / lib / jar folder but have no idea how to run it.

I changed the data dictionary and it should be fine if I can just figure out how to create a custom group. Maybe there is an easier way?

BTW: I know there is a related question on this site. This guy got downvoted and his question was closed to ask a perfectly clear question, but didn't explain it: How to generate message classes from the new FIX custom dictionary (But I need to do this in Python and so the linked links don't help.)

--- UPDATE 24 SEP '14 -

I have ant installed, but I'm not sure how to use it! The obvious thing, to apply it to my Data Dictionary, does not have the desired result.

c: \ quickfix \ spec> ant -f FIX42_CTS.xml Line file: C: \ QuickFix \ Spec \ FIX42_CTS.xml

BUILD FAILED c: \ quickfix \ spec \ FIX42_CTS.xml: 1: Unexpected item "{} fix" {antlib: org.apache. tools.ant} fix

Total time: 0 seconds

Perhaps this question can help other QF users inexperienced with Java and ant.


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Basic instructions on how to generate QF / j source here in the QF / j wiki Users FAQ:

(Oddly enough, this FAQ currently has two questions about it that are mostly the same. I will need to combine them. This is a little confusing, since I seem to be the only editor of this page. :))

You will need to edit the DataDictionary XML file. The structure of this file is pretty simple; spend a few minutes slipping through it for you to understand the layout. (This is a large message definition section first, followed by a large field definition section. You will need to edit both sections to add a new group.)

EDIT: It turns out you are not using the QF / j assembly, so this answer is probably not that helpful to you.



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