Best practice for determining the message type of protocol buffers

I need to serialize and deserialize a sequence of protocol buffers messages to and from a byte stream. There are several predefined message types. What is the recommended way to encode the type information so that my application can know what type it should read?


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The most common way to do this is by using a message.

For example:

message AnyMessage {
    optional Message1 msg1 = 1;
    optional Message2 msg2 = 2;


Then all messages are encoded / decoded inside the container AnyMessage

. As of protobuf 2.6, you can also use a specifier oneof

that will ensure that only one of the subordinate messages is set.



My suggestions, in any particular order:

  • Include the field that contains the protos name / id (and give it the same field number in all 1 protocols)
  • Use the self-description of the message (at the bottom of the page). In this case, you can either

    • include FileDescriptorSet as a field (in your posts)
    • In java (and some other implementations) you can write the FileDescriptor as the first message in a delimited file.
  • Keep the proto filenames small and use the proto name in the filename, eg.


    This has several good points:

    • It is immediately obvious that the file format
    • You can scan shell scripts to find where the protocol is being used.
    • This method can be used on its own or in combination with the above.
    • This method can be used for any schema based files (like Cobol).

Finally ProtobufEditor

  • Supports messages about yourself where

    • The file descriptor is the first message in the delimited file
    • First field in message
  • Has a lookup function that will try to match fields in a Protobuf post with known Proto definition files and give you a possible match

Background: In case you didn't know, a proton protocol buffer file can be converted to a protocol buffer message FileDescriptorSet and saved

Self-description of messagew:

message SelfDescribingMessage {
  // Set of .proto files which define the type.
  required FileDescriptorSet proto_files = 1;

  // Name of the message type.  Must be defined by one of the files in
  // proto_files.
  required string type_name = 2;

  // The message data.
  required bytes message_data = 3;




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