Visual Studio 2013 - slow expanding or adding in - how to find which one?

I have a solution with about 40 projects. When I load or unload a project, it takes up to 5 minutes and the development environment hangs all the time. When I go to Safe Mode, it's about 5 seconds or less. I don't know proc mon very well, but it did show a lot of file access outside of the project in question.

I'm guessing this is caused by an extension or addition. How do I figure out which one is. I have disabled all those that I can disable, but most of my extensions cannot be disabled. Should I really delete them all in turn?




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You can use Process Explorer to find out which module in Visual Studio is currently executing when VS hangs with DevEnv.exe process. Properties. Themes tab.



DevExpress Assembly Deployment Tool v1.1 with DevExpress 13.2.7

I discovered why my Visual Studio environment was so slow (unsafely slow - 10 minutes to complete 5 second tasks - locked application for 10 minutes at a time).

The solution is to remove the VS DevExpress Assembly Deployment Tool v1.1 extension. As described here:



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