Vagrant :: Errors :: NetworkCollision: The specified host network collides with a non-hosting network

I use vagrant with multiple machines, it has ever worked fine but then it just doesn't work again.

My part of the Vagrantfile defining the network:

config.vm.define "app" do |layer| 
    layer.vm.provision "chef_solo", id:"chef" do |chef|

    # Forward port 80 so we can see our work "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host: 9999 "private_network", ip: ""


This is the default configuration and I only have this vm. But when i tried vagrant up

it shows error:

Vagrant::Errors::NetworkCollision: The specified host network collides with a non-hostonly network!
This will cause your specified IP to be inaccessible. Please change
the IP or name of your host only network so that it no longer matches that of
a bridged or non-hostonly network


How to fix it?


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Apparently my office just changed my network configuration. Changing to another block (like, it worked. Unfortunately.



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