How to quit the command flow when running php artisan?

I am making a command line request for windows. When I run php artisan the command line enters some kind of command stream where you can no longer use the command line. How do I get out of this thread so that I can use the command line? Also, does this mean that exiting this mode will stop serving the application?


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php artisan serve

means you are creating a server. while this server is running, you can view the generated website in a browser http://localhost:8000

. what you said as some kind of command stream is what the server is serving. Yes, exiting the command line will stop using the tool php artisan serve

when accessed http://localhost:8000

, which will no longer appear on the website.

You can shutdown the server with Ctrl + c OR just open another cmd prompt and run php artisan



I had the same problem ... I just used the xampp shell to start Laravel and used Windows Cmd to execute the rest of my Laravel commands



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