Xcode with uncrustify: how to align function declaration to colon?

I have the following code :

@interface TRYoutubeManager : AFHTTPRequestOperationManager

- (void)getVideosForDefaultChannelsWithSuccess:(void (^)(NSArray *youtubeVideosArray))successBlock failure:(void (^)(NSError *error))failureBlock;



So I want to keep the 120 digit line limit. And align the declaration in colons like:

@interface TRYoutubeManager : AFHTTPRequestOperationManager

- (void)getVideosForDefaultChannelsWithSuccess:(void (^)(NSArray *youtubeVideosArray))successBlock
                                       failure:(void (^)(NSError *error))failureBlock;



But when I apply Uncrustify on it I get :

@interface TRYoutubeManager : AFHTTPRequestOperationManager

- (void)getVideosForDefaultChannelsWithSuccess:(void (^)(NSArray *youtubeVideosArray))successBlock failure:(void (^)(
                                                                                                                     NSError *



The plugin messes with it all. Linear limit exceeded. Here are some critical (I think) parameters:

# Align ObjC declaration params on colon
align_oc_decl_colon                     = true          # 
# Alignment span for ObjC message colons
align_oc_msg_colon_span                 = 20            # number

# Alignment span for ObjC message spec
align_oc_msg_spec_span                  = 0             # number
# Code width
code_width                              = 120           # number


The entire configuration file is HERE

Please help me to configure the Uncrustify config correclty.


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Have you tried looking at them:

nl_oc_msg_leave_one_liner                 { False, True }   Don't
split one-line OC messages

nl_oc_msg_args                            { False, True }   Whether to
put each OC message parameter on a separate line   See


I don't think the formatter will actually move the parameters to the declaration on new lines for you, align_oc_decl_colon

will only align them to colons if they are already on multiple lines.



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