CloudKit Requests for Registered Users

So according to Apple's documentation, non-iCloud users are still allowed to read from public databases, but I get the following error when querying the open database:

Domain Error = NSCocoaErrorDomain Code = 4097 "The operation could not be completed. (Cocoa error 4097.)" (connecting to service named UserInfo = 0x7c3498c0 {NSDebugDescription = connecting to service named}

Here's my code for reference:

let container = CKContainer.defaultContainer()
let database = container.publicCloudDatabase

let predicate = NSPredicate(value: true)
let episodeQuery = CKQuery(recordType: "Episode", predicate: predicate)
database.performQuery(episodeQuery, inZoneWithID: nil) {
    // Record handling goes here


Any thoughts, advice or advice would definitely be appreciated. Many thanks


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Error 4097 is returned when your application is unable to talk to cloudd, the CloudKit daemon.

This could be due to a permissions issue or a bug in cloudd. Check your syslog for more hints and look for the crash logs from cloudd. If you have a cloud mode crash log, attach it to the new radar at



I had a similar problem - after checking the syslog as suggested by @farktronix, after filtering with, cloudd

I saw:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Unexpected expression: NSSelfExpression'


It turns out that my query predicate was wrong - in my subscription request, I was trying to use the predicate:

NSPredicate(format: "self = %@", someCKRecord)


whereas I had to use

NSPredicate(format: "recordID = %@", someCKRecord.recordID)




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