Can Travis CI be configured for private NPM deployment on Nodejitsu?

I would like to use Travis CI to build, test and deploy my project as an NPM module for our Nodejitsu hosted private registry .

I've followed the instructions Travis CI provides for posting to, which include adding the following to yours .travis.yml


  provider: npm
  email: ...
  api_key: ...


This config works fine for deployment to Nodejitsu has some documentation on deploying complete node.js apps using Travis CI, which mentions that the provider is instead npm

switching to nodejitsu

. It fails with errors missing user

and failed to deploy

no additional information. This user is the owner of the module and can successfully publish it from the command line.

Does anyone know if Travis CI might be able to deploy to a private NPM, specifically one hosted by Nodejitsu? Thank!


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