UIPageViewController gesture overriding my UITableView

I am using UIPageViewController to scroll the views vertically. I have 3 different views and in the middle is a UITableViewController.

If I use the mapkit view in the middle, the mapkit overrides all UIPageViewController touches and works great. The same thing happens with tables. Sometimes touch the scroll table, something scrolls the view page.

Does anyone know of an easy way to bring tableview gestures to the top by overriding page touch?

(I set up a touch interface and checked if the touchscreen is inside a table so it overlaps the pageview feedback but its slow and not 100% solution)

(mapkit mapping behavior would be perfect) thanks!


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my mac is not at hand right now and I can't check, but you can try playing with two flags in the attribute inspector: "delays content" and "discards content"



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