Passing an argument with Application.Run in Word VBA

I have the following two Subs defined in my Word Addin (.dotm) which I placed in the StartUp directory

Public Sub SayHi1()
    MsgBox "Hi......."
End Sub

Public Sub SayHi2(ByVal n As String)
    MsgBox "Hi " & n
End Sub


Then, from a new doc, I can call 1st Sub with no arguments like below:

Sub AppRun_AddIn_NoArg()
    Application.Run "MyProject.Module1.SayHi1"
End Sub


But when I try to run the second Sub with an argument, I get the error "Object does not support this property or method"

Sub AppRun_AddIn_WithArg()
    Application.Run "MyProject.Module1.SayHi2", "Tejas"
End Sub


Error message: enter image description here


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This seems to be a long-standing problem with Word.

How KB190235 suggests :

You included the template name in the Macroname argument string.

Remove the template name from the Macroname argument.

To avoid naming conflicts between referenced projects, give your procedures unique names so you can call the procedure without specifying a project or module.



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