Start MediaWiki, skip the small version?

I want to install MediaWiki from 1.23.1 to 1.23.4 (on Ubuntu 12.04.5) I plan on using patch:

My questions are: can I apply patch 1.23 directly. 4 or you need to get 1.23 first. 2 , 1.23. 3 ?

Depending on the file size, it looks like I can't go to version (4 less than 3)

mediawiki-1.23.2.patch.gz   30-Jul-2014 19:34   4.0K     
mediawiki-1.23.3.patch.gz   27-Aug-2014 21:49   21K  
mediawiki-1.23.4.patch.gz   24-Sep-2014 20:12   7.9K     



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You're right: patches are incremental, so if you choose this upgrade route, you will need to apply each one consistently.

You can confirm this by looking at the patch files themselves. For example, patch 1.23.4 starts with the following lines:

diff -Nruw -x messages -x '*.png' -x '*.jpg' -x '*.xcf' -x '*.gif' -x '*.svg' -x '*.tiff' -x '*.zip' -x '*.xmp' -x '.git*' mediawiki-1.23.3/includes/config/GlobalVarConfig.php mediawiki-1.23.4/includes/config/GlobalVarConfig.php
--- mediawiki-1.23.3/includes/config/GlobalVarConfig.php        2014-09-24 19:58:09.941581474 +0000
+++ mediawiki-1.23.4/includes/config/GlobalVarConfig.php        2014-09-24 19:55:15.782579699 +0000


From this title (which is in the unified diff format ), you can tell that the fix is ​​contrary to MediaWiki 1.23.3, meaning that it assumes that you have already applied earlier fixes.

If you tried to apply the latest patch without first applying the earlier ones, at least parts of it will almost certainly not apply cleanly. Some parts, however, might do well, leaving you with a weird hybrid version of MediaWiki that will include some fixes from the latest version, but none of the previous versions that you missed (and that would probably keep its original version number). In such a confusing situation, it might be a good idea to use the --dry-run

for option patch

to make sure each patch is applied cleanly before you apply it.



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