How to edit Xcode project for Meteor iOS integration?

I want to create an app icon, splash screen, change app name and set some cordova / app settings.

meteor run ios

opens the simulator, but does not open it or the project. Where is this project and this Xcode project ever getting overwritten? I don't want to lose the settings that I am making.

For example, I want to set up an application url scheme so that I can implement a redirect to the application . I also want to set the cordova preference to disallow scrolling . I used to do this from within .xcodeproj, but where is it and when is it overwritten / reset?


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From what I've seen from the docs and my experience so far

  • meteor run ios

    only starts the iOS emulator with your code . The code associated with this assembly is in .meteor / local / cordova-build, but is temporary and will be overwritten all the time

  • meteor run ios-device -p yourlocalip:yourlocalport

    will launch Xcode with the generated .xcodeproject and a local server on your machine . It is designed so that you can run and debug your code from a real iPhone, with the changes you make on your computer to code that is instantly reprogrammed on the iPhone screen. To enable this feature, your computer and phone must be on the same Wi-Fi. The code associated with this assembly is in .meteor / local / cordova-build, but is temporary and will be overwritten all the time

  • meteor build /Path/To/Builds/Directory/NewBuild -p yourserverhost:yourserverip

    will actually create a cordoc-based .xcodeproject pointing to your real server at the path you specified. From this project you can customize as much as you want BUT you will really lose those customizations with a new build ...

Except when you are using yourproject / cordova-build-override / folder !

As described in the official Meteor Cordova docs in the Advanced Build Configuration section, anything you put in this folder will overwrite the files the meteorite generated during its build. This way you can customize everything in the Cordova / Phonegap path. If you were able to customize your features through Cordova, you can do it there.

Bonus I learned:

Always destroy the .meteor / local location before creating one of the three things , I got stuck in a state where Xcode remembered some of my changes to .xcodeproject and everything was messed up. After destroying this folder, everything returned to normal :)

hope i helped




If you are looking for the path to your Xcode project on your filesystem, it is located at:



You need to go to your project directory and open .meteor

because it is a hidden file.

Note. If you want to see hidden files in finder on Mac , type in your terminal defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

and then restart finder. Change TRUE


to see only visible files.



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