IOS: Can you record without displaying video?

Simple question, but keywords made Googling sterile.

I'm just wondering if the rear view camera on an iOS device can record / stream video while the display is being used for something other than the viewfinder.


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The answer is absolutely.

You can hide the capture / video view as the other answer suggests, but if you already have permission to use video (and / or audio if it's an AV stream), you can do whatever you want.

Of course, I stick with "don't be mean" like your shtick, as one of the important but purposefully vague rules of app store presentation is simply "they know something is wrong when they see it."

See my answer here for a very close question and answer.



You can easily place the UIView on top of the camera. look at the usage:

self.imagePicker.cameraOverlayView = myCustomView


You just need some kind of trigger to start / stop recording:

[self.imagePicker startVideoCapture];
[self.imagePicker stopVideoCapture];




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