How to populate syntax "authentication required" chrome popup when running selenium ui tests

I have an ASP.NET MVC5 intranet application. It currently uses Windows Authentication. We have Selenium UI smoke tests that override the credentials by making it part of the URL. E.g http://username:pswd@localhost

We are now thinking of using Siteminder to handle authentication. Web applications using Siteminder open the Authentication Required dialog box (using the Chrome browser), but the username and password text boxes do not have an ID that selenium can use to fill in the text.

How do I override credentials in a web application using siteminder?


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Usually I will use AutoIT in java to work with these authentication popups that are not recognized by webdriver and are not avoided by passing credentials in their url.

So you can use AutoIT here, in java we also custom ROBOT class several times.

Another option, when the launch url is redirected to a different url when pop-ups appear, then try using that redirected url with credentials passing. I don't use it, but I think it might work.

Thanks, Murali



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