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In Sketch, an OSX UX design program, I was wondering:

Once I create a project, how do I make this work in the Storyboard in Xcode, or programmatically?

Since when designing a design everything I do is an image, how can I make it come to life and make the user interact with it in Xcode?



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You are re-creating objects in the interface builder.

You change the background color of the view to the background color of your design. Save the button images and set them to the button background image. and etc.



how can i make it come to life and make the user interact with it

This question is basically the same as this question:

After I draw my project on the board, how do I turn that into an application?

There is no tool that takes a Sketch file or whiteboard and turns it into an app. The answer is the same in both cases: you use the tools provided by Apple (Xcode, Objective-C or Swift, iOS SDK, xibs, or storyboards) to write a program that implements your design. If you don't know how to use these tools, you need to go through some tutorials to learn them before you start developing your own design. If you don't know how to program at all, I suggest starting with some programming tutorials that are not related to iOS programming, because learning the basics of programming is already difficult without even adding iOS features.



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