Zinc server (scala incremental compiler) on Windows?

Is there any input or hack for zinc to work on Windows? Only shell scripts are included in the distribution


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Yes, you can. You just need a bash environment. For me, I am using git bash. Once in terminal, navigate to zinc bin folder and type:

zinc -start




Crickets .. Apparently the answer is no. Well, this is another nail in the coffin making dev server side on Windows. Zinc roughly doubles the compilation speed.



Note: as of December 2016, you can use Zinc on any platform supported by the Scala IDE: see Scala IDE 4.5.0 is out! "(based on the latest Eclipse 4.6 Neon platform).
It comes with:

Zinc compiler

Refactorings aren't the only thing that needs to work better. We decided to use the latest Zinc compiler to improve compilation performance.
For those of you who are not familiar with Zinc, it should be said that Zinc is a stand-alone version of the incremental sbts compiler and can be used as an alternative to the scalar.
Incremental compilation significantly reduces compilation time, because the analyzer can only find dependent units and limit compilation. Therefore, using this powerful tool is a great advantage for the Scala IDE.



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