Can an external RFID / NFC reader identify the IPhone6?

Now that the IPhone6 ​​has been available (at least in some markets) I would really like to know if anyone has any information (or even tried) if the NFC chip inside the IPhone6 ​​can be detected by an external reader? And if possible, how much information can you read?

I know there is currently no access to the API for NFC apps for IOS apps, so I would like to go the other way and simply identify the IPhone6 ​​by holding it on an external NFC reader.


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In theory, the answer should be yes: the iPhone 6 runs in card emulation mode, so it should be presented to the reader as a card.

The information readable is probably not much, but at least you should be able to interrogate the existence of a payment application - by sending SELECT APDUs (APDUs = commands to interact with smart cards such as iPhone emulation) to known applications.

By sending an empty SELECT or SELECT destined for the Issuer's Security Domain (management application in which the AID is usually A000000151000000

or A000000003000000

), the card must respond with a data structure with information about the card or chip.

Now I just need to get my hands on it and check it out ...



You can read the UUID, but it is randomized every time, making it useless for identifying the device.

See and for more information



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