JAVA ArrayList: how to know if it contains an array of strings or not?

import java.util.ArrayList;    
public class Test {
        public static void main (String[] args){
            ArrayList<String[]> a = new ArrayList<String[]>();
            a.add(new String[]{"one", "abc"});
            a.add(new String[]{"two", "def"});
            if(a.contains(new String[]{"one", "abc"})){


The console said "false". I have an ArrayList and I cannot check if it contains a specific String array. How to do this and why?


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checks the conformity of an object using a method implementation equals

. However, for arrays, it is equals

equivalent to reference equality. That is, it is array1.equals(array2)

translated into array1 == array2


In the example above new String[]{"one", "abc"})

, passed to the method contains

will create a new array that is different from the one that was originally added to ArrayList


One way to do the check is to iterate over each array in ArrayList

and check for equality with Arrays.equals(array1, array2)


for(String[] arr : a) {
        if(Arrays.equals(arr, new String[]{"one", "abc"})) {


Another way is to use ArrayUtils.isEquals

from Apache commons-lang




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