How to use SoapUI and Fiddler for SOAP services over https

Like many people, I am trying to use Fiddler to view the actual request / response when issuing web service calls using the SOAP interface.

  • I can make a service call using the SOAP interface and see the XML request and response.

  • I run Fiddler and I can still make a service call using SOAP UI and see the XML request and response, but there is no trace of the request or response in Fiddler.

  • As per several suggestions on this site ( SoapUI example with Fiddler ) I go to File-> Preferences-> Proxy on Soap UI and set the proxy to with port 8888.

  • If Fiddler is not open, I now get the following error in the SOAP UI that is expected: "Failed to receive response; org.apage.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connecting to http: //127.0. 0.1: 8888 refused."

  • If Fiddler is open and I am trying to see the request / response in Fiddler on a non-SSL site, then everything works fine.

  • If Fiddler is open and I try to see the request / response in Fiddler on an SSL site using https, I get the following error: "Error getting response; peer is not authenticated"

  • Based on the following (and other) advice in SO HTMLUnit with FIddler and SSL , I exported the Fiddler root certificate and imported from the Java Console into the CA Safe Site list. (Even if I run the Java Console as Administrator, I can only import as "User" and not "System" .... not sure if this matters).

  • It doesn't seem to have any effect that I imported this certificate to the Java console. I still get the same message as in # 6.

I would appreciate any help that could get me to see the SOAP UI HTTPS SSL requests and responses in Fiddler.


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