Background agent does not start when battery saver is enabled

I use PeriodicTask, which works flawlessly, but it doesn't work if Battery Saver Mode is enabled, although I allowed the app to run in the background in this state using the Battery Saver app.

Any ideas why it is not working? I should add that I am creating a new front and back live image using the Telerik LiveTileHelper control inside the background agent, and that an HTTP request is also made (app - weather app). This is for Windows Phone 8 Silverlight app.

Apologies for being fairly general with the problem, but I guess the explanation doesn't require me to exchange code.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.



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This is by design.

In battery saver mode, background agents are not started, including of course your background agent.

You cannot allow the app to run in the background in this state with the Battery Saver app. Instead, you can prevent the application from running in the background even if the phone is in normal state. But in the battery save state, no background agents are allowed regardless of the setting. The only thing you can do with it is to turn off the battery state completely.



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