Cordova Push iOS 8 plugin

Probably the same problem as PhoneGap Push Plugin not registering iOS 8 device , but I have an error message.

I have checked the plugin version and I am getting a newer version with iOS mods.

2014-09-26 15:50:54.070 Score My Selfies[401:89341] CDVPlugin class PushPlugin (pluginName: PushPlugin) does not exist.
2014-09-26 15:50:54.071 Score My Selfies[401:89341] ERROR: Plugin 'PushPlugin' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.
2014-09-26 15:50:54.072 Score My Selfies[401:89341] -[CDVCommandQueue executePending] [Line 158] FAILED pluginJSON = [
      "alert" : "true",
      "ecb" : "onNotificationAPN",
      "sound" : "true",
      "badge" : "true" 


I also uninstalled and re-installed the plugin several times.


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I managed to fix this by adding PushPlugin.m to Build Phases-> Compile Sources.

Not sure if this is a Cordova issue or a Netbeans issue.



Check pull requests on github.

Includes iOS8 fixes. It looks like they are not yet merged into the phonegap-build repository.

iOS8 has changed the way we register and handle push notifications, so there are some code changes that will need to be updated to support iOS8.



Faced the same problem but I knew it worked before. I already had problems with plugins so I used them to remove / re-add ... but this time it didn't work.

Using git, I noticed that the file was platforms/ios/*.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj

not updated correctly when I run (unfortunately) the usual one: cordova plugin {remove,add} com.phonegap.plugins.PushPlugin

Parts are missing in the PBXBuildFile section! I think this is a bug in cordova ...


I worked around this by removing and re-adding the entire ios platform: cordova platform {remove,add} ios

This should do the trick.



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