How to update your cloud cloud service setup using Azure Powershell

Is it possible to update parameter value in Azure Cloud Service using Azure Powershell?


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There is still no way to update just one parameter (the service management API does not allow it - it only accepts the entire service configuration) So, to update one parameter, you will need to update the entire configuration. And you can do it with PowerShell:

# Add the Azure Account first - this will create a login promppt
# when you have more then one subscription - you have explicitly select the one 
# which holds your cloud service you want to update
Select-AzureSubscription "<Subscription name with spaces goes here>"
# then Update the configuration for the cloud service
Set-AzureDeployment -Config -ServiceName "<cloud_service_name_goes_here>" `
                    -Configuration "D:/tmp/cloud/ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg" `
                    -Slot "Production"


For the `-Configuration 'parameter, I have provided the full local path to the new configuration file that I want to use with my cloud service.

This is a tried and tested solution.



As Astaykov says, you cannot update a single cloud configuration value using Powershell.

But you can read all the settings, update the one you want to change, save in a temporary file, and then set all the settings again:


    [string] $cloudService,
    [string] $publishSettings,
    [string] $subscription,
    [string] $role,
    [string] $setting,
    [string] $value

# param checking code removed for brevity

Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile $publishSettings -ErrorAction Stop | Out-Null

function SaveNewSettingInXmlFile($cloudService, [xml]$configuration, $setting, [string]$value)
    # get the <Role name="Customer.Api"> or <Role name="Customer.NewsletterSubscription.Api"> or <Role name="Identity.Web"> element
    $roleElement = $configuration.ServiceConfiguration.Role | ? { $ -eq $role }

    if (-not($roleElement))
        Throw "Could not find role $role in existing cloud config"

    # get the existing AzureServiceBusQueueConfig.ConnectionString element
    $settingElement = $roleElement.ConfigurationSettings.Setting | ? { $ -eq $setting }

    if (-not($settingElement))
        Throw "Could not find existing element in cloud config with name $setting"

    if ($settingElement.value -eq $value)
        Write-Host "No change detected, so will not update cloud config"
        return $null

    # update the value 
    $settingElement.value = $value

    # write configuration out to a file
    $filename = $cloudService + ".cscfg"

    return $filename

Write-Host "Updating setting for $cloudService" -ForegroundColor Green

Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName $subscription -ErrorAction Stop  

# get the current settings from Azure
$deployment = Get-AzureDeployment $cloudService -ErrorAction Stop

# save settings with new value to a .cscfg file
$filename = SaveNewSettingInXmlFile $cloudService $deployment.Configuration $setting $value

if (-not($filename)) # there was no change to the cloud config so we can exit nicely

# change the settings in Azure
Set-AzureDeployment -Config -ServiceName $cloudService -Configuration "$pwd\$filename" -Slot Production

# clean up - delete .cscfg file
Remove-Item ("$pwd\$filename")

Write-Host "done"




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