Tracking node history in neo4j

I am using community version Neo4j 2.1.4. I have a hierarchy of 4 levels and the names of each level, which I treated as the label name for that level. So I only have 4 labels on my chart. Now for the first time I loaded the csv file into neo4j and using keywords MERGE


, created nodes and relationships. In the future, this requirement looks like

scenario 1:

if someone wants to rename the hierarchy level name to some new name, then I have to   
change the label name to a new name.


Scenario 2:

if any of the property name of node changes to to new name 


In both cases, I wanted to track the history of node. How should I do it? So in the future, someone wants to see the details of the story, they can request and receive details.

So how can I keep track of the details of the history of nodes in neo4j?

My approximation: The first time I load the csv file and create nodes and relationships. Then if someone wants to change the label name of node A (standard level name) which has properties like ID, name, start_date, end_date, Status.Then I will replicate node A with all properties and change the status to inactive

and I will overwrite the old node with new details. But I don't know if this solution will work or not. Also I have over 10000 nodes in my db.

So please suggest me a better approach for tracking node history.


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Have a look at GraphAware ChangeFeed Module . You can track the history of changes, as well as configure which changes you want to track and which to ignore.



You can use the version. Examples on this blog: that you can adapt to your needs



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