Expected release of TideKit (TideKit.com and TideKit have been discontinued)

I am planning to develop a cross platform standalone application to support Windows and Linux. TideSDK is my personal choice. But in the last 6 months I have been actively following tideSDK (tidekit) and have not seen anything about the launch of my product.

Can tidekit be expected to start in the near future? or we have to go to another tool.


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TideKit.com and TideKit have been discontinued. (This backlash backlash)

TideKit is software for developing applications for all platforms at the same time with a single code base written in JavaScript.

The volume and complexity of the product made it difficult to assemble the platform at the same time. This stems from a holistic approach to developing applications for all platforms. When creating a platform for JavaScript developers, most of the core engineering is in various lower-level languages ​​that affect development speed. We considered delivering parts of our platform as milestones were reached, but that was not a good way to start testing.

We were widely criticized for not revealing our technical innovations prior to our release. In a competitive environment, unlocking advantage as you walk can also mean assimilation as you walk. We have already seen how quickly our technical advantage can be assimilated by competitors to our open source TideSDK product. So we held back to delay competitor overlap, increased our technical barriers and worked to secure our IP and business case until we felt ready.

At the start, we're talking about the minimum viable product (MVP). In our case, our minimum viable product was much larger and more difficult to achieve. In total, about three years of research and development has been carried out with several developers working more than full time. The factor that has expanded development is the expansion of the scope, which aims to reduce friction in the application development process.

In February 2014, we created a developer queue system with a reservation system for the earliest possible access to TideKit. Our goal was to ensure an early trial when it becomes available. Since the development itself was complex, we were unable to provide a date on which ticket holders could begin the trial, but it will follow our beta and then move forward as we scale the platform.

We understood our language on the site regarding reservations. As a result, we expected a bit of confusion about what was purchased, our expectations about the time to market, or the terms of purchase of booking tickets. At the moment, buyers did not pay for our product, but for their position in the queue to test our new technology. We have also included a return policy to help ensure the purchase of your ticket. The wait was long, but not as much as other engineering daunting challenges, including Myo, which pre-sold their product and were also delayed pending a successful rollout.

Throughout the development cycle, we have provided updates to our status on the messaging page, emailed to our ticket holders and posts on our social channels. We did our best as a team to open up questions for ourselves and maintain a social presence.

At the end of May 2015, we pitched our strategy to execute a series of targeted beta releases that could see the platform open publicly and incrementally. We were at a stage where parts of the platform needed feedback from developers when we rolled them out consistently.

In the days leading up to our first public beta, we learned to what extent our brand was poisoned by our time to market. The negativity campaign that started a few months ago with followers and ticket holders has paid off to our team, brand and business.

We thought the beta releases would soon put an end to the negative conversation. On July 8th and 9th, we faced further social media eruptions that reached a tipping point. With the discussion no longer about the product and its future, it was much more serious.

We weren't able to bring the product fast enough for you. As a result, we came to a serious decision to discontinue TideKit and disband our company.

We want to thank everyone who worked on the product and with our team. This includes businesses, entrepreneurs and supporters of our application development vision.

Your TideKit Team



Just to be clear - you don't expect to provide a version of the platform for us in 2014, but you do commit to release a plan in 2014 where you tell us when you plan to release the platform (which could be 2015, 2016, 2017, ... )?

Just trying to get development options for 2015 and I would like to know if you are planning something available for development in 2015, and if so, in which half of the year?



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