Where to create OAuth users with cemerick / friend in Clojure

I finally got OAuth workflows working for Twitter and Facebook login to my Clojure Compojure project, but I need to handle new users. Where in the Friend workflow should I create non-existent users in my datastore? credential-fn

Is it possible inside ?


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It is right. credential-fn

from one of my projects now looks something like this:

(defn linkedin-auth [{access-token :access-token :as m}]
    (let [options      {:query-params {:oauth2_access_token access-token
                                      :format "json"}}
          account-info (http-json "https://api.linkedin.com/v1/people/~" options)
          email        (http-json "https://api.linkedin.com/v1/people/~/email-address" options)]
       {:roles #{::user}
        :identity email
        :name (str (:firstName account-info) " " (:lastName account-info))}))))


And the workflow configuration:

(oauth2/workflow {:client-config linkedin-client-config
                  :uri-config    linkedin-uri-config
                  :credential-fn #'linkedin-auth
                  :login-uri     "/linkedinlogin"})




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