Meteor: Tracker.autorun when updating Iron-Router data

I am using the iron-router function data

to provide data to my HTML template.

snippet from router.js:

data: function() {
    liveData = {
      dataA: Collection.findOne({queryA}),
      dataB: Collection.findOne({queryB})
    return liveData;


Within my template, the object liveData

is reactive. When the collection changes, changes to liveData are great!

But my question is: I have a javascript function called computation()


that uses an object liveData

. It runs once on page load - great - but after page load liveData

changes, but the computation is not re-executed. How to force computation()

restart when the data source of the router hardware liveData



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1 answer = function(){
    var data = Router.current().data();




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