IOS app rejected for 2.2: Apps that show bugs will be rejected

I am so worried about my new problem submitting my app to the itune store. This gives me an error in the center of resolution, like:

----- 2.2 -----

We found that your app encountered one or more bugs when browsing on an iPad running iOS 8, both Wi-Fi and cellular, which is inconsistent with the App Store Verification Guidelines.

Specifically, the application launches on a blank screen.

For discrete code questions, you can contact Apple Developer Technical Support. When a DTS engineer continues to work with you, be prepared to provide:

  • complete information about your rejection problem.
  • screenshots
  • steps to reproduce the problem.
  • symbolized crash logs - if your problem results in a crash log

What is the problem with my app, is this the second time my app is rejected?

Please explain to me what is the error?

Thanks in Advance.



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