Redirect console output for only one method

I have a bunch of unit tests here. One of them expects the code to do nothing, because parsing the arguments shouldn't work.

Unfortunately, in this case, I am using forces in the parsing arguments library Console.Write()

and now my module outputs are being filled with library messages making them difficult to read.

Is there a way to redirect the console stdout to nothing (or a temporary file or whatever) before calling this method, and then redirect it back to stdout after it completes?



This is actually the error output that needs to be redirected ...


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Yes, you can temporarily replace the output stream with a custom one. This can be done using the Console.SetOut () method . More or less (adaptation to your actual code, see also comments):

// We're not interested in its output, a NULL fake one may also work (better)
Console.SetOut(new StringWriter());

// Your code here...

// Now you have to restore default output stream
var standardOutput = new StreamWriter(Console.OpenStandardOutput());
standardOutput.AutoFlush = true;


UPDATE : As per your update (standard error stream redirection) you just need to replace *Out

with *Error


Console.SetError(new StringWriter());

// Your code here...

var standardError = new StreamWriter(Console.OpenStandardError());
standardError.AutoFlush = true;




You can create TextWriter

one that does nothing:

public sealed class NulTextWriter: TextWriter
    public override Encoding Encoding
            return Encoding.UTF8;


Then you can install and restore the console output like this:


var saved = Console.Out;
Console.SetOut(new NulTextWriter());
Console.WriteLine("This should not appear");



You can use the same approach to output the console error:


var saved = Console.Error;
Console.SetError(new NulTextWriter());
Console.Error.WriteLine("This should not appear");





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