R - XLSX: Add one value to an existing excel table

I have a very direct problem, it is more of a standard I think. Unfortunately, I am having some difficulty to find the correct syntax to solve it. I just want to write data (here: one simple integer) to an existing excel table.

I realized that a good way to do this is to use the "xlsx" package.

require(xlsx)      # Load the xlsx package


Next, I will need to upload a file and upload all sheets.

wb <- loadWorkbook("test.excelfile.xls")    # Load the xls file
sheets <- getSheets(wb)                     # load all sheet objects


Then enter the values. These are the lines that generate errors.

addDataFrame(data.frame(123), sheets[1])    # Error in addDataFrame(data.frame(123), sheets[1]) :   attempt to apply non-function
addDataFrame(123, sheets[1])                # alternative try, same error


I save the book at the end.

saveWorkbook(wb, "test.excelfile.xls")   # not checked yet because error occurs in line above


It is important for me that the already existing xls file is not destroyed. I want to keep all worksheets, VBA macros and form elements. Only some cells need to be changed from R.

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Finally, I managed to do what I was looking for. I did a little googling for Excel tools (see Carl Witthoft commend) and found a good package to use is XLConnect.

The following commands write a prime number into one cell. They also leave the VBA macro intact.


# Load workbook; create if not existing
wb <- loadWorkbook("MC_Auswertung.xls", create = TRUE)

# write to the workbook
writeWorksheet(wb, 750, sheet="Auswertung",   # write '750' to sheet 'Auswertung' in workbook 'wb' 
           startRow=8, startCol=4,            # specify the cell to write to
           header=FALSE)                      # do not write a header row

# Save workbook


There is only one thing that amazes me. Before the xls operation, the file was 32.953 bytes. After operations on it, there were only 28.958 bytes. Thus, a significant amount of "data" has disappeared. I have no idea what's gone? The cell content is still present. There are also charts, backgrounds and border styles, ...

We are looking forward to your commands; -)



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