How to handle internationalization in a Spring application (inside a class)

I already know how to handle internationalization in Spring application using <spring:message code="xxx"/>

JSP in page. Now my users are allowed to change languages ​​using simple links like

<a href="?lang=it">IT</a>

and <a href="?lang=en">EN</a>

Now I have to handle internationalization inside the class. This is what I did:

1) I created a text.xml file to determine where my texts are

<bean id="messageSource"  class="">
<property name="basename" value="struttura"></property>     


2) I created different properties files according to different languages

3) I am using this method to get the message according to the locale

ApplicationContext context =  new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("text.xml");
String stringa = context.getMessage("textCode",null, locale);


Everything is working. But I'm sure this isn't the fastest and cleanest way to do it. It looks too complicated!

Does anyone know the best way to achieve my goal?


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MessageResource is a Spring managed bean, so you can simply inject it into your controllers (or other Spring managed classes):

private MessageSource messageResource;




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