Meteor._wrapAsync has been renamed to Meteor.wrapAsync undefined

I am getting a warning about starting the meteorite server. Meteor._wrapAsync has been renamed to Meteor.wrapAsync undefined

... Does anyone know why?


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This is just to let you know that the previously undocumented API has Meteor._wrapAsync

been renamed to Meteor.wrapAsync

and officially registered:

If you do not use this function directly in your own code, it is most likely that the exact packages that you are using the call itself Meteor._wrapAsync

, if these packages are actively supported, the authors will fix them sooner or later.

Anyway, this is just a warning and will not affect your application, you should not be alarmed because it will not break anything.



As of this writing (8 March 2015), the package calling this is almost certainly CollectionFS. I am using cfs:gridfs

as storage, so it is from this or cfs:standard-packages



also has a warning against deployment because it is not production ready ... Maybe this is one of the problems and I hope the package will love love soon, otherwise I will have to jump into LOL.



I vote for cfs: standard packages as the culprit, or perhaps both, as the message happens with either cfs.gridfs installed or cfs filesystem installed:



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