How to SSH from Perl script from Windows machine to EC2 machine

I want to establish an ssh tunnel between my windows machine and EC2 machine, I want to use perl for that, according to this documentation , I need to use. / script which I could not find.

I am using this line to ssh to my machine using the command line.

ssh -2 -p 22 username@id-address -i keyfile.ssh -L p8600/Localhost/3306

I tried it from this post , but I am getting this error:

my $ssh_pid= open("ssh -2 -p 22 username@id-address -i keyfile.ssh -L p8600/Localhost/3306 |") or die;

Can't use string ("ssh -2 -p 22 username@id-address"...) as a symbol ref while " strict refs" in use at .\ line 39. D:\DESKTOP\JEFF_SHIH\MAPPING_FILE_GENERATOR>

how can I translate the above line into perl or fix the above line to get the error. I have installed Net :: SSH :: Tunnel



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Use Net::SSH::Perl

to avoid complicated (on Windows!) Dependencies with ssh binaries. This module is written entirely in Perl, so it should work on any platform. Net :: SSH :: Perl



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