Database upgrade from SQL Server 2012 to 2008

I want to downgrade my database to SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition. I know there is no direct choice. I tried to backup for 2012 and then restore in 2008. Does not work. Any idea on how to completely migrate the database?


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You cannot convert a SQL Server 2012 database file to a SQL Server 2008 database file. You cannot go down. Database file compatibility is only available from old version to newer, not vice versa. Indeed, you can convert a SQL Server 2008 database file to a SQL Server 2012 database file.

Use the integrated SQL Server tools:

  • Right click on the database.
  • Select Tasks

    and Generate Scripts


Following the wizard, at the end of it, Advanced Scripting Options

click the "Advanced" button, select the version of SQL Server for which you want to generate scripts using the option Script for Server Version

. Alternatively, you could generate scripts to export the schema of your objects and / or data by selecting the option Types of data to script

, as you can see in the screenshot below:

enter image description here

The time it takes to create the process (schema and data) will depend on the amount of data you want to export, of course. As @Arun suggested, take a look here in more detail here using step by step instructions.



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