How can I check the DMD version at compile time?

I can check that DMD compiles the given code with version(DMD){}

, but how can I check which version? (2.66 / 2.65, etc.)

More succinctly, I want to check if a modifier exists @nogc

, and if not, define a dummy one.

I came up with a workaround:

static if(!__traits(compiles, ()@nogc{}))
    struct nogc;


but is there a better way? for example, even check directly for that particular modifier?


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You can use a predefined constant __VERSION__


See also std.compiler ( version_major

and version_minor

in particular) for an easier way to use it.

However, a workaround might be a better one. This will allow the code to work correctly even to build the compiler between released versions.



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