Using gulp-uncss on Wordpress site

Can gulp-uncss be used with Wordpress? If so, what would be the procedure for this job?


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Hey, I finally figured it out and it looks pretty easy. I followed several articles like MandsatWork.

Basically I combined a simple gulp-uncss tutorial (on a simple website without Wordpress) with an Uncss tutorial.

I wrote a complete tutorial for this step here:

So the basics:

1) You must have gulp and gulp-uncss in your project directory (unless you need to do this!)

2) In your gulp.js file, write a gulp task for uncss - it should look something like this:

 //Include Gulp
   var gulp = require('gulp');

//Include plugins
  var uncss = require('gulp-uncss');

//Rename is included to rename the uncssed file
  var rename = require('gulp-rename');

//Uncss task
 gulp.task('uncss', function() {
//Where the bloated CSS lives
         html: [ 
   //Add a suffix to avoid confusion      
   .pipe(rename({suffix: '.clean'}))
   //The destination of new uncssed file


The way you do it is the most basic for him. If you have many pages, I recommend using the Grunt Sitemap Generator for Wordpress at

Install it using the instructions and then go to

Copy the array and paste it here:

         html: [ 
 REPLACE THIS URLS ====> 'URL-1/','URL-2/page-1/' 


Then just run gulp uncss :)



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