Debugging Eclipse WebLogic

I know you can debug just by clicking the debug icon in Eclipse. Can I run WebLogic from the command line using debug and debug? When I do this, in Eclipse under the server, I see that the status is "Started" and not "Debugging". Can this be done just by setting up remote debugging?


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You need to add options to JAVA_OPTIONS in startWebLogic.cmd (or

-Xrunjdwp: transport = dt_socket, server = y, address = 1044, suspend = n -Xdebug

Then in Eclipse you have to use remote debugging.
Add a new remote Java application in the debug configurations (via the menu: Run - Debug Configurations).
Make sure the correct project is selected (Browse button) and fill in localhost on the host and 1044 on the port. Other options you can leave unchanged.

If you click the Debug button, you can see the remote web logic in the Debug perspective.

If you see WebLogic running under servers, you are looking at the embedded server, not the one you started from the command line. Be sure to stop any embedded server before starting via the command line, as they still won't be able to run on the same port.



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