Why won't this simple Java code compile?

I had this question on a software development quiz and am not sure about the rationale behind the answer.

unsigned int x = 1;

while (x> 10) {

System.out.print (x);


x ++;


My answer: "Compiling the code, but no way out." Correct answer: "The code does not compile".

Has the compiler tried to work as there are no clear syntax errors?


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unsigned int x = 1;

This is not valid syntax in Java.

Change it to

int x = 1;



in valid unsigned keyword in java, but latest java 8 oracle has an explicit api for long type unsigned

https://blogs.oracle.com/darcy/entry/unsigned_api You can look at the above documentation for more details Hope IT can help u



Try running it in an IDE like eclipse. It will show you where the error is.

In this case I am 99% sure that I am unsigned int x = 1;

wrong and should beint x = 1;



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